quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2015

Como estamos de apetite pela leitura?

Há fomes que só se matam com papel. E o artista polaco Paweł Piotrowski criou um livro sanduíche. Vai uma dentada?

"In 2010, I was 4th grade student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. One of the tasks that I had to do was to create an unusual book. For a long time I thought about it how to create something interesting and show it in unique way. I had few different ideas, but they were not good enough for me. I remember when the idea about sandwich book came to me. It was breakfast time with my girlfriend Irmina. We were making sandwiches and talked about how strange its form will be if it were a book. We always wind up and are inspired to do cool things. The main idea was that the book should look like a sandwich. It was necessary that layers must be different. Sandwich is hand-made book, with jacket. Its size is about 21X15X2,5 cm. Hardcover is “Smeared” by the butter from the inside. Then rewinds several different layers each one made from differing weights, and textures of paper: tomatoes, onions and ham are printed. There are some thick, rough slices of cheese with holes. To make lettuce I used fibrous paper. Each card very carefully crumpled up and then I formed so as to look like leaves of lettuce – that was the biggest challenge. Also there is fried egg I tore it from pieces of paper. I remember that laying it all together and sewing gave me a lot of joy."

Ana Almeida

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