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David Pinta... Malcolm Lowry

David pinta... Malcolm Lowry

How, unless you drink as I do, could you hope to understand the beauty of an old Indian woman playing dominoes with a chicken?

The Consul felt a pang. Ah, to have a horse, and gallop away, singing, to someone you loved perhaps, into the heart of all the simplicity and peace in the world; was that not like the opportunity afforded man by life itself? Of course not. Still, just for a moment, it had seemed that it was.

To say nothing of what you lose, lose, lose, are loosing, man. You fool, you stupid fool ... You've even been insulated from the responsibility of genuine suffering ... Even the suffering you do endure is largely unnecessary. Actually spurious. It lacks the very basis you require of it for its tragic nature. You deceive yourself.

― Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano

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